Gangtok hotels in MG Marg and sightseeing

1) Tsomgo Lake distance from Gangtok hotels in MG Marg  – 45km

Tsomgo Lake known as one of the premier tourist spots to go to in East Sikkim. Hanging at a bewildering elevation of 12,400 ft, Tsomgo Lake, privately called Changu Lake requires exploring the winding course that slices through the reach and restricted precipices. Sign in the hypnotizing resorts in Sikkim with grand perspectives and extraordinary administrations and that we give vehicles from Gangtok hotels in MG Marg


2) Nathu La Pass distance from Gangtok hotels in MG Marg — 54 km

Ruling at an elevation of 14,140 ft. Nathula Pass, twisted through eastern pieces of Sikkim.The conventional shipping lane connecting India and Tibet. It is likewise probably the most established mountain passes in India and disregards the Indo-China line, providing you with a short perspective on the alluring Chumbi Valley. we offer a vehicle from M.G.Marg inn Magnolia Gangtok.

Timings: Open on throughout the days aside from Monday and Tuesday

Passage Fee: The license charge is about INR 200 for every individual.


3) Hanuman Tok distance from Gangtok hotels in MG Marg  –15 km.

Hanuman Tok was one of the first adored spots to go to in East Sikkim. Where troops of sightseers and aficionados run per annum. It’s basically recognition for the Hindu God Hanuman,

Timings: 07:00 AM to 09:00 PM consistently

Passage Fee: No section charge


4) Rumtek Monastery distance from Gangtok hotels in MG Marg  –23 Km.

Rumtek Monastery settled inside the Rumtek District of Sikkim. One of all the supported vacationer places in East Sikkim found almost 23 km off from the M.G Marg Hotel Magnolia. Rumtek also one of the relative multitudes of generally significant and most respected religious communities of Sikkim, having a place with the Kargyu organization of Buddhists. It additionally bears an exceptional likeness to the notable Tsurphu Monastery of Tibet.

 Timings: 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Passage Fee: INR 10 for each individual

5) Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple distance from hotels in MG Marg –170 km

Supported by the Nathula Pass and Jelep La leave this world either side, Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple energetically alluded to as ‘Baba Mandir’ might be an after-death characteristic of reference to a fearless fighter of the Indian Army. Notoriety at tallness of an unbelievable 13,123 ft., the sanctuary is notable among fans of Baba, who have admitted to having seen his ‘soul’ meandering inside the adjoining mountains. We orchestrate a vehicle from the lodging for touring.


Timings: The sanctuary timings are 08:00 AM to 02:30 PM

6)Namgyal Institute of Tibetology distance from hotels in MG Marg 2 Km.

One of the chief eminent exploration places inside the universe of Tibetan history. The Namgyal Institute of Tibetology  supported by lavish green woods of oak and birch. Situated about just 2 km reserved from mg marg  Magnolia. The structure houses a roomy exhibition hall where different old antiquities. The work of art, coins, sculptures of compositions in Sanskrit, Tibetan.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM, from Monday to Saturday.

Section Fee: INR 10 for each individual


7)Jelep La distance from Gangtok hotels in MG Marg — 67 km.

Jelep La beautiful high elevation score that rules at a height of around 14,000 ft. Extending from East Sikkim to parts of Tibet. The name ‘Jelep’ converts into a ‘beautiful level pass’. Known as the on-the-spot connection to the sum territory of the pass. The pass additionally connects India and Lhasa, while disregarding the entrancing Menmecho Lake. We offer a vehicle administration for touring.


8)Tashi View Points distance from MG Marg Hotel is 7 km.

Tashi View Point might be liked among vacationers and locals the same. Above all, a shocking vantage to the broad perspectives on the brilliant Kanchenjunga Range. Similarly, the spot is most popular for the predawn perspectives on the snow-covered pinnacles. On the off chance that you reach here before 05:00 AM, you’ll have the option to see the enchantment, albeit transient, marvel that happens when the essential beams of daylight break on the enormous pinnacles, covering them in an extremely strange brilliant shade.

Timings: 05:00 AM to 06:00 PM


9) Enchey Monastery distance from Gangtok hotels in MG Marg  —3 km

One of the most established Buddhist cloisters in Sikkim. In addition, Enchey Monastery goes back 200 years, when it totally was possessed by Lama Dhrupthob Karpo.  After that, a simple 10 minutes drive from mg marg Gangtok, the religious community is characterized by an exemplary Chinese Pagoda.


Timings: 06:00 AM to 04:00 PM day by day.


10)Tukla Valley distance from Gangtok hotels in MG Marg — 67 km.

Hanging at an elevation of 12,500 ft. However, Tukla Valley perhaps a passageway to the entrancing perspectives. The pleasantness of the Tibetan Highlands. The taking off Kanchenjunga ranges, including the powerful Mt. Kanchenjunga, tower the all-encompassing masterpiece of the valley. The valley is just a touch unapproachable from the Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple. It’s a very unique experience, to wander into the valley and an exceptionally remunerating one. Ideal for experience searchers and pioneers. Since the bowl skirts the Indo-China line. It additionally manages the cost of a justifiable perspective on the Chinese water towers.


11)Do Drul Chorten distance from MG Marg — 8km

Covered upon an astounding hillock. In addition, Stupa is one of everything about first popular traveler spots to go to in East Sikkim.  Moreover, Situated inside the circling space of the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology. The hillock that upholds the stupa surmised frequent by the locals. The passings of a few travelers additionally credited to the ‘abhorrent spirits’ that fixated Capitol Hill.

Timings: 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM daily.

12) Jawaharlal Nehru office distance from MG Marg is 10km

The Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Gardens and Institute of Research sits is very close the popular Rumtek Monastery in East Sikkim. It’s addressed to various botanical species, including those of orchids, which the nursery is most popular for! There are numerous other uncommon herbal fortunes that choice it home, including calm backwoods of oak trees. A gigantic nursery has additionally been introduced inside the nursery, significantly for the development of different sorts of orchids. The nursery likewise includes a little play region for youths, which additionally serves as an excursion spot.


13) Gangtok Ropeway distance from MG Marg is 1.5km


The Gangtok Ropeway was initiated inside the year 2003, and is one among the first energizing spots to go to in East Sikkim! The ropeway is amazingly close to the Namgyal Institute to Tibetology. The stunning link ride might be a window to some of the chief unrivaled all encompassing perspectives on the Eastern Himalayas, along with the growing path of cloudy valleys.


Timings: 09:30 AM to 04:30 PM


Passage Fee: INR 110 for every individual


14)Ganesh Tok distance from MG Marg inn Magnolia is 12km


Ganesh Tok might be a tranquil little sanctuary committed to Lord Ganesha. It totally was developed by Shri Appa B. Gasp, a previous head of Sikkim. It’s additionally one of everything about premier well known perspective of Gangtok and offers broad elevated perspectives of the town of Gangtok down underneath. You’ll likewise fathom that few moving photographs of Gangtok are caught from here! The forested slopes, hazy valleys, and snow-clad mountain tops just expand the appeal of the sanctuary. In case you’re close by on a straightforward day, you’ll likewise see the heavenly pinnacle of Mt. Kanchenjunga ascending to welcome you!

15) Aritar Lake distance from MG Marg inn Magnolia is 67km


Observable commonly of the most established lakes in Sikkim, Aritar Lake, likewise perceived as Lampokhari Lake is an inside and out, emerald-watered lake that intently looks like a boot. The banks of the lake are graced by a lovely little sanctuary inbuilt the memory of the adored Guru Padmasambhava. Settled in the midst of a thick backwoods of pine, the lake seems like an emerald gem. Relegating harmony and serenity, the lake additionally permits sailing. It’s one everything about first effectively reachable spots to go to in East Sikkim since it sits in contacting propinquity to Gangtok. Ideally, the common appeal of the lake is best proficient during the long periods of March to May. Timings: Open 24 hrs.

Section Fee: No passage expense


16) Sikkim Himalayan Zoological Park distance from MG Marg lodging Magnolia is 12km


The broad Himalayan Zoological Park inside the hearts of East Sikkim could be a paradise objective for science and natural life lovers! With a leg on the two sides of more than 205 hectares, the foresty the engaging quality of the recreation center is furthermore a passage to unrivaled perspectives on the grand Mt. Kanchenjunga. There’s an eye-getting cluster of rocky vegetation that choice this park home. One in all the littlest sum investigated public parks of India, the Himalayan Zoological Park offers you a roughly certain locating of the indefinable species actually like the Himalayan panda, Monal Pheasant, civet, and Snow Leopard!


Timings: 08:30 AM to 04:30 PM regular


Section Fee: INR 60 for every head


17) Zuluk distance from Gangtok hotels in MG Marg  —- 92 km.

Zuluk could be a pleasant little town held up close to the lower Himalayas of East Sikkim. In spite of the tremendous magnificence that graces Zuluk, it’s one of the principal strange spots to go to in East Sikkim. The less common direction, Zuluk offers an eye-getting combination of isolation, experience, and serenity, bringing voyagers and travelers into its domain every year. Situated at a height of 10,100 ft., Zuluk is broadly known for its winding and rising and falling streets, including the eminent old Silk Route that is an old shipping lane among Tibet and India. Indeed, the essential town while in transit to the Silk course is Zuluk. We offer vehicle administration from mg marg lodging Magnolia.


18) Nathang Valley distance from Gangtok hotels in MG Marg — 73 km.

Nathang Valley the best vacationer location of East Sikkim. Arranged at a height of 13,500 ft., the valley affectionately called ‘Ladakh of East Sikkim.’ Nathang  a dazzling little town, which has been off the packed ways of the travel industry for a long. The town falls on the Old Silk Route, which joins India and China through a shipping lane. an abroad Tibetan town inside the Eastern Himalayas, Nathang extras veiled under a thick covering of snow all through winters, contributing amazing chances of skiing and other winter sports! There’s a lovely frozen lake close to the Durga Temple, where the Brahmin Duck frequently seen. There’s likewise a little Buddhist cloister that sits concealed inside the unnecessary right of the valley, safe by the travel industry. In case you’re an explorer regardless of appearance, Nathang Valley may be heaven for you.

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